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  • Save on labor costs!
  • Easy to carry and apply!
  • Great results for plant health and longevity!

Pro Tip!

John and Bob developed these products with landscaping in mind. They have over 30 years of experience in the landscaping business and they knew what kind of soil amendment landscape professionals really needed. Now they bring it to you!

The John & Bob’s  system saves on some of the back-breaking labor of hauling around yards of soil and soil conditioners! John and Bob’s comes in small packages that are easy to haul, manage, store and apply because of the potent, concentrated product contained within. Cut down on the cost of labor by using John and Bob’s: the small packaging contains everything the soil needs so you do not have to buy, haul and distribute large quantities of new soil and compost. With the ease of application, no tilling is required! Additionally, the John and Bob’s soil repair system works to change the tilth and texture of the soil over time. It loosens clay soil, thickens sandy soil and brings lifeless earth back to fertility! It eliminates the hard work of manually fixing bad soil through lots of shoveling and adding loads of compost. You can save time and money with John and Bob’s.

These soil amendments are so easy to apply. You just spread it on and water it in! Most soil amendments and fertilizers must be applied frequently and often need to be tilled into the soil in order for them to be effective and well-integrated. John and Bob’s Grow Green Smart Soil Solutions are just sprinkled onto the soil and watered in. They are highly concentrated products that are applied, in small amounts, only twice a year in order to see dramatic improvements in soil health and quality!

John and Bob’s Soil Solutions helps all types of plants to grow and flourish! From lawns to perennials, trees and shrubs, the four products in the John and Bob’s system will work hard in the soil to increase plant growth and health.

The four products in the John and Bob’s system keep plants healthy! Nourish contains fertilizer that is immediately available to plants. Some plants experience stress when they are moved from the comfort of a nursery and are transplanted into the soil. Nourish helps to ease that transition by giving the plant sustenance within the first few days.

The billions of beneficial microbes in Penetrate and Maximize protect plants from harmful microbes and pathogens that can cause disease, root-rot and many other maladies. The beneficial web of soil microorganisms helps plants uptake minerals and nutrients from the soil so they are stronger and better able to fight off any disease or insect infestation.

Optimize contains humic acid that feeds the beneficial microbes, making them stronger and more effective soil helpers.

With the help of John and Bob’s Soil Solutions, the plants you use in your design will transition well and flourish in their new locations. That way, you don’t get a call in a few weeks, asking for replacement plants!

As landscape professionals, John and Bob’s understand the importance of time and money-saving products. They have found that using their system increases the value of their landscaping services. Almost all landscape projects are specified with expensive, bulky, wood-based amendments. This is a waste of both time and money! John & Bob’s GrowGreen system is not only hugely less expensive, it works better. This gives the landscape professional an opportunity to offer a large savings to the customer, while increasing their own profit and the quality of the project.