All four products in the John and Bob’s system work together to create beautiful, lush lawns that last for years.

Pro Tip!

John and Bob’s is the only thing you need to add to your lawn, whether it is a small patch in the backyard or acres of manicured golf course. This is a sustainable system that requires no chemical inputs and has no harmful side effects. Our products are naturally-derived and non-toxic so kids and pets can play on the grass all day! Just sprinkle on and water in twice a year!

Penetrate works deeply to break apart clay particles and soften hard soil. Penetrate is a liquid bio-tiller that works through the action of live microbes and Saponin, a derivative of the Yucca plant, which coats clay particles, forcing them into smaller pieces. Over time, Penetrate keeps lawn soil from becoming too compacted, so that water moves freely throughout the soil and grass roots can grow deeply to reach all the water and nutrients they need.

Maximize contains both fungi and protozoa that work hard to digest thatch in lawns. Thatch is the dead grass and root material that can gather at the base of lawns, causing matting and grass suffocation. The removal of thatch is essential to keep a lawn healthy. If you maintain large sections of grass (as in golf courses, parks and some businesses), keeping it thatch-free can be a real chore, trying to remove it by hand. Why not let the microbes do the work? They eat away at the thatch, all the while increasing the health and biodiversity of the soil! Mechanical de-thatching is no longer necessary!

Optimize fertilizes grass with fully decomposed humus, while providing food for the microbes in the soil below. The microbes work hard to increase the availability of nutrients for the plants, all the while turning and aerating the soil, giving plants more oxygen, room for root growth and access to water and nutrients.

Nourish is a fermented soy-based fertilizer that provides plants with available organic nutrients they can use immediately! Increase the vigor of your lawns with visible results: a lush, green, healthy lawn that invites one and all to come play frisbee!