• Great results for all types of gardeners!
  • Complimentary to other soil supplements!
  • Great value for a concentrated product!

John and Bob’s Grow Green Smart Soil Solutions are a garden center’s dream! All our products come in a highly concentrated form that is easy to haul, stock and carry. The small packages are easy to manage and are easy to explain, once you know how! Each product contains key ingredients that work together to greatly improve soil health and fertility. The result of the John and Bob’s system is rich, loose soil with an abundant web of life within it, which helps all types of plants thrive. These products contain live microbes and their food, which work in the soil to make nutrients available to plants.

John and Bob’s is a perfect complement to most every commercial compost and fertilizer. It provides the abundant bacteria that they do not, which make the nutrients in those products more available to plants. John and Bob’s can be sold to home gardeners, farmers, golf course owners and landscapers. Each can benefit from the fertile soil that John and Bob’s products create! Almost every one of your customers is concerned or should be concerned about productive soil and John & Bob’s is the most convenient and economical way to address the issue.

Try John and Bob’s in your greenhouses and grow sites! You will see a vast improvement in the growth of seedlings and starts.