December 21, 2010

How do the costs of your products compare to other options?

Question: I ordered your Soil Optimizer, used it and like the results. But is seems a little expensive. How do the costs of your products compare to other options? Answer: Well, let's do the math. If you buy a Nature's Gardening Kit which includes Soil Optimizer, Penetrate Liquid Bio-Tiller, Maximize Microbes and Minerals and Nourish fertilizer in the 1,000 square foot size, that's less than $80 to condition your soil. Use it twice a year as recommended and that's a total of just under $160 per year and an investment of less than 2 hours of your time. If instead you choose a bulky soil additive like compost, you'll have to buy about 56 1.5 cubic foot bales for 1,000 feet, totaling about $400 for a single application. You'll need to load those bales, transport them from the store, unload them, split them and spread the contents around your yard with a wheel barrow and shovel. That's a lot more money and way more work. For the best value, buy John and Bob's GrowGreen products in larger size bags and kits. But in any size, these products are excellent values, are fast and easy to apply, are good for the environment and can be delivered right to your door step.