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How We Saved Landscape Clients Thousands of Dollars

Instead of big piles of organic matter or compost, we incorporated concentrated soil life and food for life using John & Bob’s products, both a less expensive and a more effective method to condition soil.

Standard specification using a bulk amendment soil conditioner such as nitrolized forest humus costs about $36 per cubic yard. At a ratio of 6 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet, this 5,500 square foot area would have cost $1,200 just in material. Let alone the high labor cost of incorporating almost 33 cubic yards of humus into the top 6-8 inches of soil. Compare that to a better, less expensive soil conditioning with John & Bob’s Nature’s Gardening Kit (Optimize, Maximize, Nourish-Biosol, and Read More

How soil life changed a diseased, sickly lawn to exceptional, self sustaining turf

Summer fungal disease in cool season turf (fescue, bluegrass, etc.) is the biggest problem facing our lawns in warm climates. As with most disease issues, the problem is best combated with lively soil full of strong, beneficial fungi that can combat weaker, harmful fungi. A commonly recommended cure for fungus is to spray with a fungicide. Most of the time, I disagree with this because most fungicides kill all fungi, including the fungi that can prevent and defeat fungal disease. Using this treatment, we are likely to have the same problem every year, because we are destroying our only hope for a natural fungus control when we kill all fungi. We have been a huge proponent of using our John & Bob's system to build complex life in the soil to prevent and/or defeat destructive fungus in turfgrass. 

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The Lasagna Method: Don't Till Your Soil!

The Lasagna Method is an alternative to what most gardeners think is the norm. Mixing and tilling the soil twice a year is a traditional method that most home gardeners don’t think twice about. The reality is that we can do harm to soil by churning it up. Turning the soil actually damages the established microbial communities and disrupts the complex soil food web living in your garden.

The Soil Food Web

The Lasagna Method is a layering method, similar to how you make a lasagna dish. In addition to being a layering method, it emphasizes the concept that is being more widely promoted in the last few years that it is better to not till your soil or physically disturb your soil at regular intervals like a lot of home gardeners would do in the past where...

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Creating a Chemical-free Garden: Protect your kids, your pets, and yourself!

When the goal is to be chemical-free, it all starts with the soil. Many gardeners use chemical fertilizers and chemical treatments to combat pests and diseases that arise in the yard and garden. This creates an unsafe environment for children or pets playing outside. What if there was a way to avoid using chemical pesticides and fungicides and prevent pests and diseases at the source? The answer is in the soil.

Almost all pests and diseases seen in yards and gardens originate from unhealthy soil. Unhealthy soil lacks the proper soil life to combat these issues at the source of the problem. Chemicals in the garden destroy soil life, leaving plants unable to defend themselves. A common misconception by the home gardener is the need to use chemical fertilizer multiple times a year in order to speed up plant growth. While it is easy to find and fast acting, chemical...

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