December 30, 2010

How can I eradicate harmful nematodes and wire worms?

Question: I am having a hard time with nematodes and wire worms in my mother’s garden. I have heard so many home remedies, including; cover with black plastic for a full growing season, plant cereal grasses, plant marigolds, will your product work on nematodes? Stan Answer: Stan, Yours is an interesting question which I discuss frequently because it illustrates the significance and uniqueness of our entire line of products. You mention a lot of natural remedies that don't work; what's worse is a long history of toxic chemicals that don't work. Many gardeners that have destructive nematodes end up stopping gardening because of a lack of solutions. The best, most permanent and simplest way to eradicate bad nematodes is with good nematodes which are way stronger than bad nematodes. Good nematodes are part of healthy biologic life in soil and they require healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa, as a food source, to be present in the soil. Our system is all about building complex, beneficial life in the soil. Traditional chemical fertilizers and many pesticides/fungicides damage life in the soil and that life that is your only hope for building up a good population of beneficial nematodes which will get rid of your bad nematodes. All of our products are important to build life in your soil-OPTIMIZE, MAXIMIZE, PENETRATE, and NOURISH Biosol. We have some scientific tests on our website that were done using the NOURISH-Biosol specifically to eradicate bad nematodes. The product is referred to in the test as mycelium from bacteria and fungi, which is what the NOURISH-Biosol is made from. My recommendation is to use our products regularly with an emphasis on the NOURISH-Biosol and use good quality compost as a top dressing. Refrain from using synthetic products that damage microbial soil life. You won't eradicate the problem in a week or two, but with repeat applications every 4-6 months, you should see steady progress and eradication after 2-3 years. Thank You for your interest! Best, John