March 11, 2011


It’s been a year since I first applied John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer and I wanted to express my reaction to your product. I applied Soil Optimizer in several areas of my yard, specifically in areas of established perennials and on sections of bare soil that had been unproductive in the 24 years I have lived in my home. My intention was to revitalize my older shrubs and ground covers, as well as improve the infertile soil so that it would be more tillable and prolific. Positive results were realized sooner than I anticipated; a neighbor stopped one spring day to comment that my flowers were more colorful than they had ever been. As time passed, all of the shrubs in my yard became more robust and greener than in past years. On the infertile and crusty soil, it became much more friable and quickly supported growth where it had failed before. Although, I am not a professional landscaper by any means, I have been an avid “green thumber” for 45 years. Our garden was the venue of one of Fresno’s major fundraising tours, as well as being featured on the weekly public television gardening program. In a word, I think John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer is OUTSTANDING!