March 11, 2011

Huge Difference in Landscape Vitality

We planted two Japanese Maples at the same time in the front of our house as a landscaping focal point. One of the Maples grew very quickly and appeared to be very healthy, with vibrant color. The other tree appeared stunted and grew only sparse foliage and never appeared like it would ever catch up to its twin. We tried a number of different applications to try to improve the apparent health of the smaller Maple. Nothing worked and we were getting very frustrated – we even considered replanting. As a last chance effort, we applied John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer to see if the quality of the soil was causing the difference in the trees. An amazing thing happened – over the next year, the stunted tree began to put on more and healthier foliage, its color improved dramatically and it began to close the size gap. After two years, the difference in the two Japanese Maples has lessened considerably and we are no longer considering removing one. In fact, we have continued to apply John and Bob’s twice a year and it is apparent that eventually the two trees will be of similar size, stature and health. They will visually appear “like twins”. We have applied John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer throughout the rest of our yard and in all of the beds. Our landscape has never looked better and appeared to be so healthy. There is no question in my mind that John and Bob’s works, is safe, simple to apply, economical and makes a huge difference in the vitality of the landscape.