May 16, 2011

According to John: MONEY TALKS

You have probably heard the expression “Money Talks.” Unfortunately, my money must have a speech impediment because the only thing it has ever said to me is “Good-bye.” I have found solace in knowing that I am not the only one. Almost every project that we have been involved with -commercial, public works or residential- has expressed an interest in maximizing value and cutting costs. Particularly, since our work tends to come at the end of a construction process, folks are frequently burdened by cost over-runs. As a result, throughout our 32 years in business, we have focused on maximizing value and producing gardens of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. We take pride and consider it our specialty to be able to analyze garden proposals and suggest changes that will lower the price without sacrificing quality. At the heart of these efforts is our John & Bob’s GrowGreen Smart Soil Solution System. The professional part of our website (found here), accessible to all, illustrates substantial savings by using our concentrated soil improvement products instead of traditional wood based, bulk soil amendments or instead of importing large quantities of top soil. During our initial product development, we were amazed at the effectiveness of our products as they out-performed any alternative. We based the original formulations on results and knew we had something special when we determined the material and labor costs to use the products were unparalleled in our industry from a value standpoint. Maximize, Optimize, Penetrate and Nourish-Biosol all provide concentrated active ingredients similar to those found in good quality compost. Our John & Bob’s products are much less expensive and extremely effective at improving soil for maximum plant health. Optimum soil health is also the most important element in minimizing pests and disease, which is another added value, negating the need to purchase fungicides and pesticides. There are lots of other value-adding possibilities involving plants, turf, top dressing mulch, irrigation, paving, lighting and garden construction. I am willing to help you reduce costs in sensible ways that don’t threaten design principles or long term landscape health. Send me your questions and I will answer promptly and please continue to follow this blog for ongoing suggestions and opportunities. If you agree with Yogi Berra, who said “a dime ain’t worth a nickel anymore”, maybe we can work together on our own Yogi-ism to maximize value. As Yogi says, “90% of a great garden is half-mental.” Let me help you with the mental part: send me your questions and let’s get busy! To ask a  question, leave a comment below or click here. Read more about the value of John and Bob’s here.