Green roofs (or living roofs) are an amazing horticultural and technological advancement that has the potential to transform our cities into energy-saving environmentally sound eco-cities! A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a lightweight growing medium, planted over a waterproofing layer. They often include drainage and irrigation systems, as well.

Photo by Intercon

Green roofs reduce energy costs and heating/cooling consumption by providing a unique type of insulation. They help offset storm runoff and extend the lives of most roofs by decades! Having living plants on rooftops also help to offset greenhouse gases by processing carbon dioxide, toxins and pollutants and then releasing oxygen into the air. Imagine a giant air purifier on every roof in every city! What a difference that could make to our earth!   John and Bob’s is the perfect product for maintaining green roof systems. Weight is a huge factor, when planning these gardens. For 1,000 square feet of roof-top garden, you might need up to 6 cubic yards of soil. That weighs up to 1,500 pounds! The average roof might not be able to sustain that weight. And what happens when the soil gets depleted from years of use? We cannot keep adding layers of new soil and compost, due to the weight sensitivities.

Green roof in action at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

That’s where John and Bob’s 4-part system steps in! John and Bob’s 4-part system is compact, concentrated, lightweight and works just as well as compost. For 1,000 square feet, you only need 25 pounds of amendments to sustain the plants for years to come! By adding in beneficial microbes, food for microbes and food for the plants, we can build a self-sustaining green roof that will flourish with very little maintenance! It can be applied to new green roofs or existing ones! The products are merely sprinkled on top and watered in- the microbes do the rest. This new technology, coupled with the right soil amendments, is a true step forward towards green, sustainable living!