February 15, 2012

According to John: Unwanted Moss

Most gardeners have experienced the common problem of moss growing where we’d rather have lawn or other plantings flourish instead. There are a number of reasons for this but, contrary to popular belief, the predominant causes have very little to do with low soil pH.  However, many professionals and garden enthusiasts continue to push lime and lime-based products as the best way to eradicate unwanted moss. In reality the main causes of unwanted moss are insufficient sunlight, low soil fertility and compacted soil.

If you can solve at least two of those problems, the moss will disappear! Because mosses love to grow in moist, shaded areas and have shallow root systems, these conditions make for a favorable environment for this unwanted plant. In turf, a healthy lawn is the best way to discourage and prevent moss.   Open up the area to sunlight by pruning or plant removals to solve the problem of insufficient light. Topical applications of our PENETRATE, MAXIMIZE, OPTIMIZE and NOURISH, applied together, is the most convenient, effective and economical way to address infertile, compacted soil. Our products add beneficial microbes to the soil that provide more nutrients to plants and loosen and enliven dense, lifeless soil. If you know for sure that the pH is less than 6.5, then the application of organic limestone would be a good complement to these other solutions, but by itself it won’t solve the problem.   Because moss develops because lack of sunlight and poor soil conditions, let’s address those issues with healthy, comprehensive products and the problem will be solved!