March 30, 2012


Our MAXIMIZE is made with some miraculous ingredients and with it, horticultural miracles are possible! It provides a complex blend of soil minerals essential for plant health and introduces beneficial micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa to build up the web of life that is the key to healthy productive soil. Yet, to our dismay, we think it is the least appreciated of our products. One of our main ingredients is a prehistoric clay sea mineral from an area that was once a vast inshore swamp and marsh with lots of massive fern plants.

This deposit contains very high levels of over 70 trace minerals in a useable form. Plants can absorb these elements readily in this unique form, because they have already been assimilated and chelated by a micro-organism that utilized the parent organic matter eons ago. We know of no other natural product that has this mineral-organic makeup! This natural range of minerals and compounds come from a combination of the sea, volcanic action and lush plant growth. It provides plants and soil with interactive natural compounds and elements that are scarce in much of our soil. All of these compounds rely on each other and using them concurrently is much more effective than supplementing with calcium or iron alone. The natural humic sea mineral, found abundantly in MAXIMIZE, provides plants with a vast array of nutrients in a readily useable form. The presence of them altogether in your soil is key to their availability!

This multitude of minerals not only feeds plants, but more importantly, is food for soil micro-organisms. If you want soil that is alive, mineral content is crucial. Rich, complex soil microbiology is the key to healthy soil; it can prevent and defeat all pests and disease and can sustain optimal yields with nutrient rich crops. Not only will nutrients be maximized, but sugar and flavor will skyrocket. If you want the best tasting tomatoes, peaches or any crop, join us in focusing on the mineral and biological health of your soil, which will maximize natural sugars. Traditional NPK fertilizers can produce excellent plant growth and decent yields, but flavor, nutrition, and pest and disease resistance is problematic, mainly because you are missing the natural soil compounds that MAXIMIZE provides. MAXIMIZE is easy to apply and beneficial on everything that likes healthy soil. We blended the clay sea mineral described above with Alaskan Humus, containing beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa, and with Mycorrhizae fungi. The result is a miraculous natural product with concentrated forms of critical soil ingredients that we take great pride in!