July 2, 2012

ACCORDING TO JOHN: Curing Georgia Red Clay

Three years ago, I received a call (one of many over the years) from a gardener in Georgia complaining about her Georgia Red Clay soil and her vegetable garden. She explained that despite all her efforts involving compost, organic matter, and “miracle” amendments over a 20 year period, her soil was just as hard when dry and mucky when wet, as when she began. She said it was almost entirely “unworkable”.

I explained that our John & Bob’s System was the fastest, most convenient and most effective way to change everything about her soil, most especially the workability or digability.   PENETRATE will immediately provide a soil penetrant to open up the soil to air and water, while infusing the soil with bacteria and its food to urgently further the process of building complex life in her soil. This complex life of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and good nematodes act as internal tillers and organic builders. OPTIMIZE also opens up the soil almost immediately by coating all the soil particles and it collects minerals for the bacteria to eat right in the root zone of the vegetables, while providing food for some fungi. MAXIMIZE provides higher life forms of fungi and protozoa, essential for complex soil life, and it feeds them with virtually every mineral and element in the Periodic Table. NOURISH- Biosol actually feeds nutrients to the vegetables, while also providing food for all soil life as well as special disease and pest preventing compounds. All of this beneficial soil life will work with the vegetables to form powerful relationships, such as mycorrhizae/root associations that can turn Georgia Red Clay to Georgia Reddish Loam. Three years ago, I urged my friend, the Georgia Red Clay caller, to immediately apply OPTIMIZE, MAXIMIZE, PENETRATE and NOURISH-Biosol to end her 20 years of soil misery.   She called me this week, after her use of our products for 2.5 years, to kindly tell me that I was right and that her soil was fundamentally different! For 20 years, nothing she tried had made any difference until she used John & Bob’s System of products. She said her soil still looked very similar as before, although the bright orange/red clay now was tempered with a grayish tinge. The biggest difference was when she dug and worked in the soil. It was now workable and she could dig in it! Her vegetables are thriving and her soil is no longer either rock hard or mucky muck.   There really are not a lot of affordable, sensible and convenient options to change heavy or hard soil. We are proud that our system really works and is easy to use in an arena where options are few. Join our Georgia Reddish Loam caller and give our System a try!