July 16, 2012

Video: Amazing Tomato Comparison!

You may recall that Laura Taylor, of Laura Taylor in the Home Garden, wrote a guest blog for us a couple of months ago. She is a longtime tomato grower and uses John and Bob’s in her garden. She has seen some fantastic results in helping bring ailing plants back to health, in repairing the soil, and in increasing harvests. This year, however, she conducted an experiment. She planted both beds full of tomatoes. She added her standard recipe of amendments to each planting hole, before placing the tomato in. She added 2 chicken eggshells, 2 handfuls of Dr. Earth fertilizer, 2 tablespoons of Optimize, 1 handful of worm castings, and 1 of handful of Maximize. But, on one bed, she also layered an abundance of all 4 of  John and Bob’s Soil Solutions to the top of the soil. Well, you can see the difference for yourself!

The plants in the first bed are surviving but I wouldn’t exactly call them robust. The plants in the second bed, planted with all four of our products, are flourishing and producing. You can really see the growth difference! The foliage, flowers and fruits are lush and abundant! As Laura points out in the video, our products add live microbes, as well as nutrients, to the soil. This creates a vibrant, sustainable soil community that aids your plants in growth, production and in disease prevention! The evidence is clear! John and Bob’s Soil Solutions improves plant growth by improving the soil!