October 29, 2012

According to John: THE MYTH OF VITAMIN B1!

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is often sold, as a soil amendment, to gardeners to “prevent transplant shock” and “stimulate new root growth”. A study in the 1930’s provided the basis for these claims. Many studies thereafter have proven the 1930 study erroneous and the claims of the B1 benefits to be inaccurate. I have been attempting to correct this myth since about 1977, but the myth persists even today. Let me try again, folks: there is no benefit to Vitamin B1; don’t waste your money!

Many current “root stimulator products” marketed today contain B1 along with a rooting hormone and fertilizer. Recent tests have shown some benefits to these products, but the tests have shown the benefit is provided by the rooting hormone and the fertilizer, not by the B1. Not surprisingly, my favorite way to limit transplant shock and stimulate new root growth is with our John & Bob’s system of products. Unlike Vitamin B1, they are extremely effective for this purpose. PENETRATE provides beneficial bacteria w/ kelp and saponin to immediately promote/provide soil life which is at the heart of healthy soil and new root growth. OPTIMIZE collects minerals and makes them available to the new bacteria to immediately start the process of building complex soil life. MAXIMIZE provides more complex life (beyond bacteria) and food for the soil life in the form of minerals. Finally NOURISH-Biosol feeds the plants and the soil comprehensively, but gently in a way that can’t burn and is perfect for new transplants or any other plants under stress. I know it is disappointing but Vitamin B1 is of no benefit for transplant or general plant stress. PLEEEEEase believe me and use products that do provide genuine benefits!