October 29, 2012

The Results are in: Garden Bloggers Prefer John and Bob's!

Last Spring, we challenged several prominent garden bloggers all over the United States to try John & Bob's Smart Soil Solutions in their gardens and report back on how their gardens and soil improved by using our innovative 4-part system. You've already seen the video from the amazing results in Shawna Coronado's garden. Now, let's see the results from some of the other bloggers who tested the 4 products!

Gloria Bonde, at Dakota Garden in Hot Springs South Dakota, tried John and Bob's on her citrus trees in indoor containers. Container soil gets depleted over time and would normally have to be replaced but adding John and Bob's on top can revitalize old soil and renew growth! Here are her results:   "The lemon tree is several years old and even though I fertilized and changed the soil the tree wasn't really thriving. During the winter I added the product called Optimize to my indoor citrus. My trees became greener. The small lemon flowered and set 3 growing fruits.  But, it is the kumquat that has me amazed.  I have never noticed it flower.  But, look at it now!"      Gloria also tried our products on some finicky roses. She reports, "I tested these products particularly on my historically poorly performing roses. The almost thornless Zephirine Drouhin usually would give me one or two blooms. This year, it bloomed beautifully and the canes grew longer.  It is an antique, fragrant climbing rose.  A friend commented the flowers looked artificial because they were so perfect.  Today the rose is getting ready to rebloom. Reine Victoria is probably one of my favorites. In recent years it had slowed down. This year it showed renewed vigor. It has continuously bloomed even through our several 100 degree days.

Can you tell that I am way-impressed by probiotics in the garden? 


All the roses did beautifully. I have about 40 roses in the garden. The rose in the bottom-right is Bonica.  In past years it has been quite a disappointment. Another friend told me she got rid of Bonica because of poor performance. It bloomed abundantly this year!   I want to use these good bacteria products all through the garden."   Thanks, Gloria! We are so pleased that they worked so well for you! See the full article as well as dozens of photos of Gloria's gorgeous garden here.

Lona Stevens, at A Hocking's Hill in South Bloomingville, Ohio tried John and Bob's in her garden containers, petunia beds and rose garden! Check out her results: "In the containers such as the Lantana's I overwinter in the basement I have noticed a very good improvement this year from last by using the John & Bob's organic and natural fertilizers instead of my standard fertilizers. Also in other containers in which I used the Biosol fertilizers I can see a difference between those in which I did not use them. The petunias I grown from seeds are much bigger and have more blooms where I used the fertilizer. In the clay soil of the Woodland Garden the Lily Bed has also seen an improvement in that the plants are bigger and greener and had more blooms where I used the their  Soil Optimizer amendment. Through no fault of the products the lilies had a rough time in the storms, rain and hail but they preformed much better this year with the amendment. In the Rose Garden where I used their Soil Optimizer and Maximize Micros & Minerals I saw a big improvement. Even the new rose bushes were growing up a storm and were full of blooms. Having reviewed the John & Bob's Smart Soil Solutions in these areas of my garden I can recommend it to those of you who are looking for Green and Natural products for your gardens and lawns." Thanks, Lona! So glad you had success last year! I hope you have double the success in 2012. See Lona's full blog with tons of gorgeous photos here.

Christina Moreno of Flores Del Sol in Summit, New Jersey applied John and Bob's to an absolutely beautiful container arrangement! She was impressed with the results. Here's what she had to say: "This year I have been using organic fertilizer from john and bob's grow green smart soil solutions. It is a fantastic and easy organic system to convert old nutrient lacking soil into new lush rich soil in gardens, lawns, containers and even indoor plants. I love the luscious growth I've seen from using this system in my container gardens and I am excited to see the difference in my vegetable gardening this summer. I highly recommend it!"   Thanks Christina! You can read Christina's full blog here, complete with instructions on how to make your own gorgeous container!  


Dave Townsend at Growing the Home Garden in Spring Hill, Tennessee tried John and Bob's in his 2011 garden. He worked them into the soil then planted his tomatoes. Here are some of his comments: "My first observation was that blossom end rot on my tomatoes was almost nonexistent. Blossom end rot happens because of nutrient deficiency (calcium).  Either the soil doesn't have enough calcium for the plant, drought conditions don't allow for the uptake of nutrients, or excessive nitrogen in the soil causes the poor cell formation in the fruit. In any case there is an imbalance in the soil and I only saw a couple tomatoes at the beginning of the season that had blossom end rot. Secondly the garden grew like mad!  The tomatoes grew fast and furious as did the melons.  In almost all cases the vegetables grew faster than I had time to control. Obviously there are many factors that promote rapid growth but a majority of them have to do with the health of the soil. What I think is great about these products is that they feed the soil.  They aren't a fertilizer that gives the plants a quick burst of growth then quickly subsides but rather they add long lasting nutrients and organisms to the soil to improve its quality. They are extremely easy to apply too, just sprinkle the amount on top of the soil and water them in.  It really doesn't get much simpler than that!" Thanks, Dave! You can read the rest of Dave's blog Here.

It was a wonderful year of growing success for these bloggers and many others that used John and Bob's in their gardens. We saw disease reduction and resistance, changes in soil tilth and texture, increased vegetable, fruit, foliage and flower production and overall improved performance! It's almost time to apply John and Bob's for the spring. Will you try it this year?