October 29, 2012

Spring Application Tips and Tricks!

Spring is upon us and it's time to apply John and Bob's to your soil! By applying the 4-part system in early spring, you will set up your garden for a year of success! When the garden is just beginning to wake up, we can help it along by invigorating the soil, stirring microbial communities out of dormancy and blasting seedlings, trees, shrubs and perennials with fresh nutrition. Applying John and Bob's 4 products is quite simple but I have a few suggestions to help make it even easier.

The basic instructions could not be simpler: sprinkle the products on top of the soil. That's it! No tilling or complicated mixing. The products will work their way into the soil over the course of the spring. However, for maximum results (and to save time), here are a few application tips: 1. Mix the three dry ingredients (Maximize, Optimize and Nourish) together in a bucket then sprinkle them evenly over the soil together. This will speed up the process significantly! 2. Penetrate, the liquid Bio-tiller, should be mixed with water before applying. This product comes in two bottles that should be mixed together just before application. This is because one bottle contains dormant microbes and the other contains their food. Once the two are mixed, the microbes will come to life. That is the best time to add them to your soil, where they can do the most good! You can add them to a watering can, feeder hose attachment or spray bottle. 3. The average sized package of any of our 4 products will treat 1,000 square feet. Now, if you have less than 1,000 square feet, you may need to do a bit of math to calculate the right amount for your yard. HOWEVER, it will not harm your soil to use more than the recommended amount of product. John and Bob's will not burn plants and extra product will only speed up the process! Estimations will work fine. 4. If you want faster results, we recommend that you gently turn the products under the soil. Aggressive tilling is unhealthy for established microbial communities but just a gentle turn-over with a shovel will do the trick. Water the soil thoroughly after application, to help the products break down more quickly. 5. If you live in a dry area without a lot of rainfall, we recommend watering the soil within the first few days of application, to begin breaking them down. You can water them directly after application, if you wish. For more application tips and other creative suggested uses for John and Bob's, please click here!