October 29, 2012


Beneficial bacteria are one of the major backbones of healthy soil and contain the IT-factor that begins healthy cycling. PENETRATE contains live bacteria and their food, to start the process of building healthy soil.   It is startling that healthy life in soil can allow soils to produce their own nutrients (including nitrogen), relieve compaction, improve percolation, optimize tilth and soil structure, provide pest and disease resistance, store and then unleash minerals and nutrients so that they can be accessed by plants. In other words, complex soil life is IT and IT is our focus at John & Bob's. At the foundation of IT are beneficial soil bacteria, which are the lowest form of life in soil and the starting point to achieve complex life. PENETRATE contains many strains of beneficial bacteria and we use it as a building block to improve soil. The bacteria in PENETRATE is most effective if it is applied with food. PENETRATE is sold in two bottles, with the bacteria kept separate from the food so that the bacteria do not feed until they are applied to the soil. This maximizes the effectiveness of the bacteria and the food (Saponin, Kelp and Humic acid). The bacteria in PENETRATE does indeed penetrate the soil over time and completely changes the permeability and dig-ability. However, the Saponin (organic yucca extract) acts immediately as a soil penetrant to improve soil density and hardness, while the bacteria starts  the process of colonizing the soil and feeding higher life forms.


PENETRATE is mixed with water and can be sprayed with a backpack sprayer or hose end sprayer, or it can be drenched. It is most effective if it is applied just after application of MAXIMIZE, NOURISH-Biosol and OPTIMIZE. If the regimen of our products is adhered to every 6 months, PENETRATE can be omitted after 2 years. it is important to continue with MAXIMIZE, OPTIMIZE and NOURISH-Biosol. PENETRATE is convenient, affordable and the first step to building soil with startling capacity to sustain plants and crops. Give it a try; we think you'll be impressed at the tangible results: healthy soil life and increased plant performance!