November 19, 2012

A Grand Recovery! Privets Come Back to Life!

We frequently perform tests with our products using poor and/or damaged soil and ailing plants  to test and improve our soil amendments. Our concept of lively soil can fundamentally improve soil with the addition of  organic matter, minerals and live microbes found in our 4-part system. Also, several of our key ingredients mitigate soil toxins quickly and efficiently. In one of our recent tests, we decided to try and improve some ailing Privet plants (Ligustrum japonicum). Privets (also called Japanese Privets or Waxleaf Privets) are common, evergreen shrubs with durable, waxy leaves. They are often used as hedge/screening plants but are very flexible, in terms of landscape use. They grow quickly and require regular pruning. They also require healthy soil in order to grow, thrive and bloom. When we found these Privets, some were languishing and others in the same planting appeared relatively healthy. The  sickly ones had brown, almost burned looking, unhealthy leaves and they were stunted, with almost no recent growth. The soil they were planted in was not supporting their growth. We suspected they were being affected by soil toxins of some type.

We applied all four of John and Bob’s products right on top of the soil and the plants: OPTIMIZE, MAXIMIZE, NOURISH-Biosol and PENETRATE Liquid Biotiller. Together, these products contain organic matter (food and attractants for microbes), humus (more food and attractants for microbes), a complete profile of minerals (still more food and attractants for microbes) and a hefty dose of live microbes. These ingredients work together to transform poor/damaged soil into a healthy, living ecosystem that can support plant life and help increase the growth, health and production of every plant that lives there. After three months, we saw dramatic results that took about 5 minutes of work:

Foliage is looking healthier and shinier. The plants are beginning to fill in nicely and show signs of new growth. See the bright green new foliage? These are all signs that they are benefiting from the easy addition of John and Bob’s four products. We snapped one more photo, 4 months after we applied the products:


The results speak for themselves! Growth has just exploded, foliage looks brighter and healthier and the plants no longer show signs of browning and ill-health. Without the aid of any chemicals or treatments, John and Bob’s was able to bring these plants into good health! To learn more about how these 4 products transform the soil and aid plant growth, please click here.