January 3, 2013

Winter Tomatoes? That’s the Power of Penetrate!

Recently, I got a wonderful letter and some photos from Frances Bonaventura, a happy customer in Lakeside, California (just inland from San Diego). She has been using John and Bob’s dry products (Optimize, Maximize and Nourish) with great success for about 5 years now but called me recently to inquire about the benefits of Penetrate Liquid Bio- tiller. I quickly let her know that it does more than just repair clay soil! The abundance of live bacteria in Penetrate quickly work to enliven soil and release nutrients to plants. They make previously unavailable nutrients easier for plants to uptake so that they can produce more fruit and flowers, have healthier foliage and resist disease and pest attacks. It also includes kelp and other plant compound extracts containing cytokinins and natural vitamins that provide special boosts to plants and soil. Frances agreed to try Penetrate in her garden.

Jan Frances2

She got amazing results! A winter vegetable garden like never before! Here is what she had to say:   “I have been using John and Bob product in my garden for about 5 years or so with excellent results.  However at the beginning of winter, I started to use their product Penetrate.  About 1-2 months later, I noticed my eggplant was blooming and producing, also my green peppers were following suit.  I also planted some tomatoes early this fall. They were not cold weather type but I just wanted to see what would happen.  The ground underneath them was also sprayed with Penetrate. They are now (in December) 6 feet tall and have numerous large green tomatoes in abundance!  In my part of the country, the temperature range for this time of year is 65 degrees during the day and 38ish at night.  I have never seen this type of growth in past years and I have been an organic gardener for 15 years!  We have certain crops that grow in our wintertime and tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are not one of them.  These results got my attention so I had to call John Valentino and tell him.”

Jan Frances3

Thank you, Frances! These photos are amazing. I am so glad that Penetrate helped your garden. In addition to the benefits I listed above, Penetrate also increases plant hardiness, in the face of cold winter temperatures. They can withstand colder nights and better resist the diseases that can be associated with it. Penetrate (and the entire John & Bob's system) actually increases plants’ ability to resist freezing and provides a 2-5 degree buffer against otherwise harmful low temperatures. This phenomenon occurs because of the increased sugar content in plants treated with John and Bob’s. The extra sugar is made when the plants receive increased nutrients from the soil. Robust plants are able to more efficiently photosynthesize. Extra sugar is dispersed throughout the water in the plants’ vascular tissue and it keeps it from freezing when temperatures dip. This allows Frances to grow these warm-weather vegetables in winter! This is the power of vibrant, living soil. Click here to learn more about Penetrate and our other products.