January 22, 2013

Improve Orchid Growth with John & Bob’s!

We received a question the other day from Beverly, a frequent John & Bob’s customer and gardener. She asks, “I’m just wondering if anyone has used your products on orchids.  They don't require much fertilizer and are not planted in soil. But after reading your houseplant section, I was thinking about how I could use J&B's on my orchids. I have used John & Bob’s products for about 4 years. They are easy and work. Thanks for your response.”


Improve orchid bloomsThanks for the great question, Beverly! Orchids are gorgeous but often complex plants to grow, especially when they are outside of their native tropical environment. It is possible to improve orchid growth with John & Bob’s! I've gotten quite a few customer testimonials over the years. Some have used OPTIMIZE with really good results and some report success with MAXIMIZE. Some have reported to me that they actually ONLY use John & Bob’s on their orchids! I think our MAXIMIZE would be the best choice for orchids. It provides plants with a healthy dose of essential minerals and adds in live microbes to aid in nutrient uptake. It is easy to apply, even to a soilless medium. You can sprinkle a few tablespoons right on top of the bark or other material. You can also stir it into your planting mix when you repot your orchids, to help them recover more quickly from the shock of replanting. We have had great results in using MAXIMIZE to increase flower production on all types of plants. Considering that spectacular flowers are the name of the game with orchids, I believe that MAXIMIZE is the best choice! It will help to keep orchids healthy, help them recover from repotting and get those flower spikes to appear more often! Thank you for your interest! Write us back to let us know how it goes!