February 4, 2013

ACCORDING TO JOHN: 'Foo-foo' Organics Work on Clay Soil

I recently participated in a large industry show where I tried to convince a buyer for a nursery chain to carry our products in an additional region of the country. He said, “You don’t understand John, they are not into foo-foo organics there. They don’t buy any of this stuff (pointing to our packages). Over there (a specific part of the country) they are pro-poison.”

organic soil amendments for clay soil

Many people think that if a product is organic, it is either expensive, or not effective enough. The simple truth is that our products incorporate the only method out there to fundamentally change clay soil and other problem soils. They just so happen to also be organic.

 Even if poison is your preference, there is no “poisonous” way to change heavy, lousy clay soil, lifeless decomposed granite, alkaline soil or any other problem soil. Our organic products might be perceived as “foo-foo” by some, but the natural compounds and microbes in John & Bob’s are the only way to fundamentally change Georgia Red Clay, and every other problem soil, into a soil that can be dug and planted in. While it is a good thing that our products are wholesome and organic, the best thing is that they work! There really are very few other products on the market that can change everything about lousy soil. The only way to improve tilth, diggability, permeability, texture, moisture retention, chemical makeup and fertility all at once is with soil microbes, food for microbes and attractants for microbes. The least expensive, most convenient way to provide these is with John & Bob’s Smart Soil Solutions.

organic soil amendments fix clay soil

  It might not be clear to some why organic fertilizer is better than “poison” fertilizer, but the simple truth is our ”foo-foo” products work when nothing else will. While we are proud to focus on the wholesome nature of our products, maybe we should focus more on their almost miraculous capabilities. Changing bad soil is not easy, but with a little patience, our system will do just that, unlike anything else. Whether you embrace “foo-foo organics” or are a rugged “pro-poison” type, we’d like to make you aware of the unique and powerful effect of John & Bob’s products on your soil. We offer the easiest, least expensive way to change your soil---no poison---real results!  

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