April 10, 2013

New Pest & Disease Control products from John & Bob's!

Spring is upon us and it’s time to begin another glorious gardening season. This means it is time to start seeds, get plants in the ground and work on the soil. If you have not yet applied John & Bob’s Soil Solutions to your garden this spring, it’s not too late! Order online today to jump start soil life and nourish your plants. Spring also means that many pests return and can wreak havoc on your precious garden plants, whether they are vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals or flowers. Our Soil Solutions can go a long way towards helping to ward off and crowd out harmful pests and diseases. When abundant soil life is present, there is less room for harmful pathogens and insects to thrive. However, infestations do occasionally still happen. And for those times, we have developed three new products to help. They work with the soil to increase the abundance of beneficial microbes and to decrease harmful pests and diseases. We understand that life in the soil is the most important determinant to plant health. Citral Blast, EnviroRepel 40 and Rose & Soil Defender were all formulated to be good for soil and to help build complex, beneficial soil life, while eradicating pests and diseases. We are proud to introduce THREE BRAND NEW products to the John & Bob’s family:

Rose & Soil Defender

organic rose spray

This organic spray is both a pesticide and fungicide that protects roses and other susceptible shrubs from common pests and diseases. It is made with strong, natural ingredients that kill and repel most pests. It works with organic, healthy soil to help create and sustain gorgeous, healthy roses and other plants. This organic spray is easy to apply: just wet the leaves and stems of affected plants whenever disease is present or suspected. Click here to learn more and order online.

Citral Blast

organic fungicide

Citral Blast an organic fungicide, designed to combat common fungal diseases, mold and rust in various crops and ornamental plants. It is formulated for regular use to remove disease problems and prevent them from returning. This organic fungicide spray is easy to apply: just spray onto any affected plants whenever fungal disease is present or suspected. It works with organic, living soil to help grow healthy plants. Click here to learn more and order online.

Enviro-Repel 40 

organic pesticide

Enviro-Repel 40 is an organic pesticide and repellent that begins to work immediately! It is easy to apply this non-toxic pest control- just spray it right onto the leaves and stems of plants to kill and repel all kinds of harmful insects. This organic spray consists mainly of strong natural ingredients that discourage insects from consuming your plants. Enviro-Repel 40 works with organic, healthy soil to help create and sustain a healthy, organic garden. Click here to learn more and order online.