April 1, 2014

April Newsletter

This month, we heralded the Soil Food Web, a name to describe the complex interactions that occur in and around the soil involving multiple organisms from microscopic bacteria all the way up to animals. Largely underappreciated, it is the only way to improve soil. By encouraging complex soil interactions we can repair poor, lifeless or hard soil and make it fertile, workable,crumbly! John & Bob’s products assist and supercharge the Soil Food Web, creating fertile living soil with fewer disease problems, healthier growth, better food production with higher nutrient value and stronger root systems. All of this while promoting healthy environments for our kids and pets!

The Soil Food Web

We believe in gardens that produce edible food, inspire us with beauty, encourage activity and interaction, save water and energy, establish a healthy environment with lively soil, and create useful space. Your garden is your direct link to nature’s powerful tools. The specific benefits of gardening are eye opening. This info graphic illustrates how it improves our lives, in all areas. What area of your life needs improvement? Perhaps a bit of gardening is the answer to your personal growth!


We couldn’t be more excited about the grafted tomatoes we now sell on our website. Complex soil life and grafted tomatoes work hand in hand. More fruit, disease resistance-including blossom end rot, greater tolerance to temperature extremes, longer harvest period, and resistance to soil borne pathogens, including bad nematodes. Once you start using the grafted tomatoes in combination with John & Bob’s in your garden, these improvements are actually quite startling and we hope you’ll never again settle for less! pak-2 Lastly, we’d like to give a thank you to Gold Leaf Nursery of Redding, Rose Society of Saddleback Mountain, Frances Bonaventura of Lakeside, California, and Linda Tolbert of Rossville, Tennessee. Gold Leaf Nursery has invited John to speak at their nursery on May 3rd at 1:00pm about the best and least expensive way to correct problem soils of all kinds and the best ways to engage soil superheroes. Rose Society has invited John to speak at their May 8th meeting about soil health maximizing bloom and pest/disease suppression. Frances Bonaventura, a long time customer of John & Bob’s, sent us great pictures of her garden after using our products. Linda Tolbert used our Clay/Hard Soil Solutions Kit with great results. She reported, “Typically our soil is hard as bricks, but with simple applications, we noticed a significant increase in earthworms where the products were added. We raised beets, sugar snap peas, potatoes, and carrots with great results and impressive taste.” We genuinely appreciate all of your loyalty and support!