July 8, 2015

Roses: Success with Soil Life

We often get asked if John & Bob’s products work on certain types of plants; flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, or lawn? But the most common question from home gardeners is “Will it work on my roses?” The short answer is yes! John & Bob’s does wonders for all plants, including roses, because it addresses the fundamental issue of gardening: does your soil have the nutrients, enzymes, and soil life it needs to nourish and immunize your plants against pests and disease?

Picture sent in by Gloria Bonde

Joan from Illinois asks, “Please let me know what I can use on my roses for fertilizer and soil conditioner.” A fantastic combination for roses is Optimize, Maximize, and Nourish-Biosol. We have combined these products into one, called Blend. These three products used together start a powerful change in your soil. Blend introduces all levels of microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa) that digest thatch and dead leaves, creating food for beneficial microbes. It feeds the beneficial micro-organisms in your soil so that it can store and release nutrients and water roses, and all plants, much more efficiently. It also provides natural organic nutrients for plants to use right away and reduces pests and diseases. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Peach Drift Rose treated with Blend

Rosalie from Ohio tells us about her experience with Blend: “I applied it on my entire vegetable garden except for two tomato plants. The two plants are small in stature and not as lush as the rest of the plants. The cucumbers and pickles are producing more product than I have ever had. I also placed some of it around my roses. The foliage is tall and roses are larger and seem more prolific than past years.” Thanks for the great review, Rosalie! Blend starts working right away to improve soil health and start boosting plant health and productivity in your garden.

Picture sent in by Gloria Bonde

We recently did a test using Blend at the Mission Viejo Library Rose Garden in Mission Viejo, CA. The test was to apply Blend to half of the roses in the garden (the West side) and only Optimize and Nourish-Biosol to the other half of the garden (the East side). Vice President Dawn Saunders reported back six months later with the results: “One of the products marked Blend was distributed 3 cups per plant on the West side and in the adjacent sides of the Library Building. The other product marked Optimize & Nourish-Biosol only were spread at the rate of 2 cups per plant on the East side of the garden. This week when I revisited the garden it was dramatically clear that your Blend product was hands down the winner.  Many of the plants were new in the fountain area of the garden and were David Austins on both sides of that area.  The plants on the West Side were 2 to 3 times the size of the East side. Given the excellent results of your newer product we would surely like to actually use it in the entire garden this coming year if the trial is not to continue.”

Janzen rose garden treated with Blend

The success of the roses can be attributed to the addition of Maximize. Maximize contains live microbes, including mycorrhizae, and hosts of beneficial minerals that will enliven and enrich any soil. We combine Maximize with Optimize and Nourish-Biosol to make Blend. The roses in the garden were given a direct boost from the added soil life and nutrients. We recommend using Blend on your roses, as well as all your plants, in order to achieve the same success in your garden as Rosalie and Dawn!