A Natural Ecosystem: Rich Soil is the Key
August 11, 2015

A Natural Ecosystem: Rich Soil is the Key

The diversity and abundance of life that exists in soil is greater than in any other ecosystem. Just a handful of soil can contain billions of different organisms that each play a significant role in soil quality to support plant growth. These organisms provide vital services by breaking down organic materials and recycling nutrients.

A natural ecosystem like the one pictured above is rarely challenged by pests or disease and does not require fertilizer. Rich soil is the key to its reliable beauty. We formulated our John & Bob’s products to mimic the natural processes in order to build healthy, productive soil in gardens. All of these products feed beneficial soil organisms with soil life. It is the easy, effective, and organic way to make your soil healthy. Our unique formulations use the same strategies that benefit self sustaining plant communities all over the world. John & Bob’s provides the most powerful ingredients to infuse soil with natural life.

This picture was taken at 5,800 feet in elevation. These native azaleas always look their best without any fertilizer or care of any kind because of soil full of life that nurtures plants and fights pest and disease.

Application is as simple as sprinkling the products over the top of the soil and watering in. For every garden, we apply all four of John and Bob’s products right on top of the soil and the plants: Optimize, Maximize, Nourish-Biosol, and Penetrate. We also recently made available online only Blend, a pre-mix of Optimize, Maximize, and Nourish-Biosol for your convenience. Together, these products contain organic matter (food and attractants for microbes), humus (more food and attractants for microbes), a complete profile of minerals (still more food and attractants for microbes) and a hefty dose of live microbes. These ingredients work together to transform poor/damaged soil into a healthy, living ecosystem that can support plant life and help increase the growth, health and production of every plant that lives there.

The picture above is a before and after of some privets that were stunted, had brown unhealthy leaves, and no recent growth. The soil they were planted in was not supporting their growth. We suspected they were being affected by soil toxins of some type. We applied John & Bob’s Blend (Optimize, Maximize, and Nourish-Biosol) and Penetrate to these lifeless privets which added desperately needed organic matter, minerals, and live microbes. Three months after one application, the results speak for themselves!