How We Saved Clients Thousands
February 12, 2016

How We Saved Clients Thousands

Instead of big piles of organic matter or compost, we incorporated concentrated soil life and food for life using John & Bob’s products, both a less expensive and a more effective method to condition soil.

Standard specification using a bulk amendment soil conditioner such as nitrolized forest humus costs about $36 per cubic yard. At a ratio of 6 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet, this 5,500 square foot area would have cost $1,200 just in material. Let alone the high labor cost of incorporating almost 33 cubic yards of humus into the top 6-8 inches of soil. Compare that to a better, less expensive soil conditioning with John & Bob’s Nature’s Gardening Kit (Optimize, Maximize, Nourish-Biosol, and Penetrate) to treat the same 5,500 square foot area for only $300 in material cost. John & Bob’s products are designed to spread topically in one quick and easy application, and are watered in over time. Only 110 pounds of John & Bob’s products were used to treat this area, a huge difference in weight and a huge difference in price! The cost savings is even more drastic in commercial settings.

Nature’s Gardening Kit vs. Bulk Amendment: 1,000 square feet coverage

John & Bob’s four-part system was designed by isolating the highly beneficial parts of compost and creating concentrated, lightweight products for convenient use by both landscape professionals and the home gardener. Don’t let the size fool you, these products pack a punch!

  1. Optimize: Concentrated combination of humus, calcium, and iron
  2. Maximize: Blend of almost every mineral nutrient that occurs naturally in soil
  3. Nourish-Biosol: All-purpose natural organic fertilizer
  4. Penetrate: Soil penetrate derived from our own compost tea brewing process


Watch this video of John demonstrating how easy it is to apply. Skip to 2:45

How to Amend Any Type of Soil the Easy Way

These products are available in our previously mentioned pre-packaged Nature’s Gardening Kit which provides the recommended amount of each product to use based on square footage. The way we apply John & Bob’s products is by mixing the Optimize, Maximize, and Nourish-Biosol together into what we call Blend. We then spread Blend across the desired area in a single, convenient application. Note that the Blend must be used within 3 months of being mixed together, as the reaction among products creates a harmless mold in the bag, and the goal is to have the reaction among products occur in the soil, not the bag! After spreading the Blend, we mix Penetrate with water and spray the same area, and then leave the lawn or garden alone for 1-2 weeks to allow the beneficial bacteria to react with each other and immediately start the process of building life in the soil. The products are watered in over time using the same watering schedule you’ve been using. Reapplying every 6 months continues conditioning year after year, while building and supporting life in the soil, the most important component of gardening.

Chinese Ground Orchids treated with John & Bob's for 2 years and counting!

Order the organic John and Bob’s Nature’s Gardening Kit today by clicking here with free shipping on our 1,000 sq ft kit and up. If you’re looking for the added convenience of having the products mixed together for you, and are going to be applying within 3 months of ordering, click here to order John & Bob’s Blend, a pre-mix of Optimize, Maximize, and Nourish-Biosol

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