Garden Additions: Native Plants
August 31, 2022

Garden Additions: Native Plants

In today’s fast delivery world, it is quite easy for gardeners to get their hands on all kinds of exotic flora and fauna. While it is thrilling to cultivate a foreign plant, it’s important to not forget about the plants that are native to your area. 

But why? Why is it important to incorporate native plants? 

Less Water: Usually Native plants require low doses of water, or whatever rain fall you may get in your area. 

Low maintenance: Because native plants are naturally from the area you live, they require very little extra care as they are found normally in your area. At times, you may want to infuse your soil with life (even with native plants) in order to make sure nutrients are accessible to your plants. After that, just let them go and let them grow! 

Increases Biodiversity: Biodiversity pertains to the different kinds of life in an area. When we plant locally native plants, the great likelihood of them prospering increases biodiversity. 

Local Pollination: Providing pollinators a source of food and respite, aids population growth of our essential pollinator friends. Pollinators are crucial in our ecosystem, helping us to grow food we consume every day! 

Built Tough: Native plants thrive in the areas they are “meant” to be in - when you plant natives from your area in your garden, chances are they will grow even with very little assistance. 

Problem area filler: A pro gardener tip - use native plants to ‘fill in’ the problem areas in your yard! Because they will grow naturally, all you have to do is plant them and wait! This is very helpful for pesky gaps in the garden that seem to never look how you want, or fill in properly. 

Attractive & Responsible: Planting native plants is a great way to bulk up your yard’s natural beauty! Native plants are easy to care for, attractive,  are low maintenance, and require only the natural elements provided by the weather to survive. 

5 Native Plants in California

California Poppy



Monkey Flower

Canyon Snow Iris 

It’s easy to find Native Plants in your area- with a quick search on the internet! Search, “native plants in __(your state)__” and a full list of plants should come right up.  

Root around and see what local beauties are available. It's worth the forage!