Styling Your Garden
August 17, 2022

Styling Your Garden

Functionality, location, interest - there are a multitude of reasons you may choose a certain style of garden over another. Not sure what garden styles you like? Not sure what garden styles even exist? Let's start by answering a few key questions to help you choose your ideal style.



1. What type of climate do you live in: This includes asking yourself, do we get plenty of rain or hardly any? Do we have extreme temperatures either hot or cold? 

2. What is important to you when it comes to the function of your garden: Are you looking for a place to relax, to grow food, to experiment with new plants, or to curate a certain look and feel? Maybe it’s all of the above! 

3. What are you “into” when is comes to gardening/What brings you joy: Perhaps you’re a rose enthusiast with a desire to grow a beautiful blooming rose garden, maybe you’re a great cook that wants to grow your own herbs and food, or possibly someone who wants to conserve water with a modern xeriscape design!  


Here are a few pictures of the kinds of gardens we often see, take a look and be inspired just like we are! 

  • Cottage: An “informal” style of gardening which is noted by having condensed plants, and often including a variety of flowers and herbs. In a cottage garden plants are allowed to grow together, wandering as they please in certain areas, unbound by stringent planting plans. You may find plants like verbena, lambs ear, mint, oregano, iris, hyacinth, yarrow, and lavender in a cottage garden.

  • Contemporary: Quite the opposite of a cottage garden! In a contemporary garden, clean lines and definite breaks in plant beds are to be expected. Often drawing inspiration from geometric shapes and using materials such as stone, steel, hardwood and concrete to help frame the garden. Contemporary gardens provide a sleek, modern look that many homeowners enjoy. 

  • Meditation: Kick back and relax in your meditation garden. Usually coupled with the sounds of a bubbling water feature, or other sounds like the soft dings of a wind chime - the meditation garden is for those looking for a little extra peace in their garden. Meditation gardens are usually styled to feel very natural, inviting and calming. 

  • Plot: Maybe you don’t have a large yard to garden in, perhaps a small plot of land is what you have access to! In cases such as these it can be fun to experiment with plants you are not familiar with! We also recommend planting a seasonal herb and/or vegetable garden in small areas. 

  • Prairie: Focused on mostly native grasses and shrubs with some wildflowers such as bushclover, coneflowers, and milkweed. Usually the plants featured in a prairie garden require full sun, and great oil drainage. 

  • Xeriscape: All the rage in conserving water (and not to mention, low maintenance!) Xeriscape gardens feature plants that are drought resistant and require much less water than traditional garden scapes. Xeriscape gardens are most popular in warm desert areas where water is scarce to begin with. Some plants to add to your xeriscape shopping list are, succulents and cacti of all types, salvia, sumac, kangaroo paw, juniper and mexican heather! 

  • Focused (one kind of plant): It’s great to see a specific plant bring so much joy to a garden! Whether its roses, heathers, all natives, or all exotic plants - the devotion to your favorites might be just the thing for your garden! 

  • Pollinator Pleasing: A great way to support our ecosystem, and maintain a lovely garden is to incorporate plants and flowers that attract pollinating insects! Bees and Butterflies love lantana, poppies, herbs, verbena, milkweed, coneflowers, and as many brightly colored flowers as you can manage! 

  • Terrace: Terrace gardening is becoming more popular as apartment and condo living grows. Potted plants and vertical planting are an excellent choice for balcony or terrace gardening! Do what you can with what you have, there is no stopping innovation (and certainly no stopping a determined gardener!) 

  • Traditional Formal: Hedges, pristine flower beds, statues, water features and classic beauty! Traditional gardens exude excellence with clear cut formation, and distinct symmetry found in the landscaping. These types of gardens are sure to impress!