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Give your seeds the Best Start this Spring!

It’s time to start thinking about the 2013 vegetable garden. Whether you are planting early crops like lettuce and broccoli or summer crops like tomatoes and squash, it’s time to get those seeds in the soil and John & Bob’s can help. Because the soil in most areas of the country is still quite cold, we recommend starting your seeds indoors in trays or pots. This will give them a nice easy start and they will grow more quickly in the warmer soil.

It is quite easy and incredibly cost-effective to start seeds indoors, rather than buying larger plants later on. You can buy one tomato start for $3-10 or you can buy a seed packet, containing 50 seeds, for just a couple of bucks. It’s a pretty easy choice. And John & Bob’s will help ensure a successful spring planting to make it even easier!...

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