May 2, 2018

Incredible results… lawn “healed itself” in a couple of weeks… never looked so good.

Hi John... I have a "Lifeless Soil Kit" to apply. The soil temperature here in Iowa is about 50 degrees...grass is greening up...what soil temperature should we have before applying the kit?


Charles L.

the greening lawn indicates soil is coming alive after winter dormancy. This is an excellent time to apply our products. You will get great results at this time. Let me know if I can help further.  
Best,  John & Bob’s

Thanks for the prompt response, John.

Another couple of questions…

I have a couple of very valuable maple trees in my lawn…about 85 years old…one has some canker…I don’t see any fungal presence in the soil under the trees (with microscopy) just bacteria…. Grass is growing under the trees… in order to incorporate the Maximize into the soil, could I plug aerate the area under the tree, or maybe the whole lawn, and apply the Maximize, etc. then…. Would that get the mycorrihzae fungi into the root zone… I'm reluctant to disturb the soil, but would it be beneficial in this case…

Also have a vegetable garden area that has no planting right now… the soil here is also mostly bacterial. The mycorrihzae fungi in Maximize are spores, as I understand it, and so could I apply the Maximize, etc. now as a soil amendment and later when I transplant some tomatoes, etc. in a couple of weeks…

Thanks for the help.

Charles L.

Your thoughts are spot on. Maximize was formulated as a topical amendment, except that you won’t get the benefit of the mycorrhizae because it needs to be in close proximity to roots. Your idea of plug aerating would be an excellent way of fully utilizing all ingredients in the Maximize. For the vegetable garden, yes, application now and later is great - really the more the better, no such thing as over application. Plants in the garden (like your vegetables) are really the engine that drives soil improvements via the Maximize and all our products. While using our products on barren soil is fine, I wouldn’t want the soil to be barren for long because the products will not be fully utilized without plant activity.  

John & Bob’s

Thanks, John…you're up and at it early today…

Just want to say what excellent results we got last year from your products… lawn had major grub and soil web worm issues as well as rust… treated with predatory nematodes, milky spores along with a couple of applications of “lifeless soils” kit. incredible results… lawn “healed itself” in a couple of weeks… never looked so good.

Thanks again for all the support.

Charles L.