May 2, 2018


Hi Bob, hope this message finds you doing well!

I took a $5 vegetable gardening class at a local nursery on Saturday. (It included coffee and donuts. The person who taught it raved about this product, especially if one’s soil is hard. She said she was taught in college that rock hard soil could not be amended quickly. It’s best to simply dig it out of your yard and replace it. She said your product does the job and is AMAZING.  As she said that, I was thinking about how incredible the people are who created such a product. Well! This evening I started to read about how to apply it and Roxy told me to look at the photo! So COOL!!!! That’s wonderful that you developed this! What an amazing contribution.

And in case you’re wondering... the $5 class turned into $120 of veggies, soil amendments, and worm castings! Ha!

You are way up there on the Cool Scale, Bob.

Lisa W.