Minerals and Microbes

Maximize is a concentrated organic soil amendment that contains live microbes and hosts of beneficial minerals that will enliven and enrich any soil. It builds soil life to create a sustainable environment for continuous healthy plant growth.

  • organic
  • pet friendly
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  • 8 lbs. (1,000 sq. ft.)
  • 32 lbs. (4,000 sq. ft.)


  • Provides a complex blend of soil minerals essential for plant health.
  • Introduces beneficial micro-organisms to build up the web of life that is the key to healthy productive soil.
  • Helps to prevent and defeat garden pests and disease.
  • Provides abundant minerals to plants
  • Improves soil health and texture
  • Breaks down organic matter in the soil


  • 1.9% Calcium, .33% Magnesium and .46% Iron from naturally occurring Wollastonite, Basalt and Granite.
  • Trace amounts of the following minerals from naturally occurring Basalt and Granite: Copper, Zinc, Boron, Cadmium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium.
  • Beneficial Aerobic Soil Bacteria: 150 micrograms per milliliter.
  • Beneficial Soil Protozoa: 4,000 per gram.
  • Beneficial Soil Fungi: 230 micrograms per milliliter.
  • Beneficial Fungal Mycorrhizae:
    • Glomus aggregatum: 154 propagules/lb*
    • Glomus mosseae: 150 propagules/lb*
    • Glomus intraradices: 156 propagules/lb*
    • Glomus etunicatum: 152 propagules/lb *

*Propagules refers to the spore count. Source: Dr. Amaranthus, Mike. Mycorrhizal Applications. 2010


Broadcast over soil or lawns by hand or any rotary spreader, water into the soil. Apply twice a year.

  • Mix all three dry products (MAXIMIZE, OPTIMIZE, and NOURISH-Biosol) together, right before applying, for easier distribution.
  • For faster results, thoroughly wet the soil after application.
  • John & Bob's will never burn plants and will not harm the soil if over-applied.
  • All our soil products can be applied right on top of mulch and existing plants.
  • 6 Tablespoons for a vegetable start or small indoor or outdoor plant.


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