December 30, 2010

How do we apply your product?

Question: Hi - just got our stuff. Is there a chart or instructions on what to put down first, 2nd, etc -- the play book for the lifeless soil would be really helpful. Thanks, Christie. Answer: Christie, You can apply products in any order and at any interval. It's great to apply all at the same time, but if you want to wait in between applying each product, that's fine too. It is OK to mix all the granular products (OPTIMIZE, NOURISH Biosol, MAXIMIZE) together and apply all at once. If you do this, you need to apply all that you mix, it can only be stored if the products are kept separate, just as they came from us. My preference would be to apply all the dry products first and then apply the PENETRATE last. After you apply the PENETRATE don't disturb the soil for several days. But that isn't essential, just a slight preference on my part. Thank You, John