December 30, 2010

What’s in your products?

Question: What’s in your products? Specifically, I know that the run-off on nitrogen and phosphate is bad for water. I really want to get my lawn looking better. I don't care about the typical beautiful lawn, because that takes too much water and I won't use products that are not environmentally friendly but, I need fertilizer. My soil is hard from lack of rain. I have sand at the sides of my house but the rest of the lawn is hard. I live in Norman, OK, if that tells you anything. Coleen Answer: Coleen, Our concept is we use nature's mechanism (beneficial soil microbes) for building soil that can create its own nutrients and can prevent or defeat every pest and disease. Its soil microbes that will grab and use natural nitrogen and phosphorous and potassium and not allow it to be leached through the soil. All the products are concentrated and convenient and contain the effective components of very high quality compost, which include either beneficial soil microbes, food for microbes or attractants for microbes. Our plant based organic fertilizer is unique in its source and effectiveness---it not only feeds plants as effectively as a synthetic, but is great at building the soil. I think you'd be impressed with the improvements in your Oklahoma soil when our soil improvement program is used. Thanks for your interest! John