December 30, 2010

How can I fix my brown, patchy lawn?

Question: Since the heat of the summer started up this month in Arizona, we have had problems with big brown and dried out patches in our lawn, with other parts of the lawn being green. We have applied the same amount of water we always have and part of the lawn looks dead. Would the John and Bob's Soil Optimizer help restore the brown, dead looking patches of my lawn? Teresa Answer: Teresa, It depends on the cause of the big brown spots. Frequently, cool season grass (fescue, bluegrass, rye grass, etc) in warm climates like yours are subject to fungal disease that matches your description of your problem. The best way to prevent and defeat these fungal diseases is by building the beneficial fungi and other microbiological life in your soil. This is the focus of our products---not only OPTIMIZE, but MAXIMIZE, PENETRATE and NOURISH Biosol will build your soil with beneficial microbes that are way stronger than the weaker bad fungi that cause turf disease. John & Bob's GrowGreen Smart Soil Solutions will improve everything about your soil and allow your plants and lawn to be pest and disease-free because those little soil microbes are nature's mechanism to prevent pest and disease. Unfortunately, traditional synthetic fertilizers damage nature's mechanism (beneficial soil micro-biology) for preventing fungal disease, aphid, rust and every other pest and disease that plague home gardeners. The other possible cause of the brown spots is poor irrigation coverage. John