December 30, 2010

How can I repair my alkaline soil?

Question: My soil is really alkaline -- too much so, my plants turn yellow. What product or products do you suggest to adjust the PH? Lisa Answer: Lisa, The best way to dramatically and permanently lower ph is with complex microbial soil life-- beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and good nematodes. John & Bob's GrowGreen Smart Soil Solution Kit called Nature's Gardening Kit has OPTIMIZE-Soil Optimizer, MAXIMIZE-Microbes & Minerals, PENETRATE-Liquid Biotiller, and NOURISH Biosol and using all four is the best approach. If your ph is 8.5 or less, then you can apply them all at once. If it is more than 8.5, then you should apply the OPTIMIZE and NOURISH Biosol only and leach your soil to lower the ph a little. The reason is the live organisms in the other two products will die if they are place into extremely salty soil. This treatment will be very effective and then continue applications every 6 months. John