December 30, 2010

Will your products work on my pine trees?

Question: I live on 4.5 acres of clay land. We have 205 pine trees (various types) as well as about 100 different types of hardwoods (birch, maples, etc.). What do you have available to fertilize our pine trees. Currently we use fertilize stakes which are very hard to get into our clay soil. Katrina Answer: Katrina, We have an organic fertilizer that will feed your trees and your soil. It is made from the mycelium (bloom) of beneficial, cultured fungi and bacteria. It's very unique and tremendously effective--the best organic fertilizer I've ever used and it is called NOURISH Biosol. I recommend about 1-2 cups per tree-- just broadcast over the top of the root zone with no chance of burning. You don't mention if there are any pest, disease, or vitality issues with the trees. If they are all healthy, then the organic fertilizer would be sufficient, if not, then you should consider also applying our OPTIMIZE-Soil Optimizer and our MAXIMIZE-Microbes & Minerals. If you have further questions, please let me know. Thank you, John