December 30, 2010

How can I restore my poorly-drained soil?

Question: I have heavy sticky clay soil here in Williamsburg, VA and my yard has standing water for several days after a rain and then soft muddy areas. Will your product quickly assist in drainage and can it be applied at any time of year? Thanks, Rick Answer: Rick, Our products will go to work immediately and start improving everything about your soil (tilth, porosity, workability, moisture retention, etc.). Our universal formula that works on all soils everywhere involves the use of soil microbes, attractants for microbes and food for microbes. Complex soil life is the fastest, most permanent and most convenient way to fundamentally change your soil. You ask if we can improve your soil "quickly" and that depends on your definition of "quickly." There will be gradual, steady improvement with our recommended every 6 month applications. You will see minor improvement after 2 months and then the changes continue as long as you apply every 6 months. After 1 year the changes should be more than minor, particularly regarding water penetration and plant health. I think you will be impressed, but it is not magic---it is gradual and takes a little time. Thank you for your interest! John