May 15, 2012


  Organic matter positively affects physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils. Specifically, it collects mineral nutrients so that bacteria can feed on the minerals and further the building of complex soil life. Organic matter is also food for some microbes and it coats soil particles to improve pore space between clay and improves retention properties of sand. Most people add bulk organic matter to the soil in the form of compost. This is a wonderful, nutrient-rich source but it takes a lot of compost to fundamentally change the soil. That is why we wanted to provide these benefits conveniently and affordably so that gardeners can apply our concentrated organic matter on an ongoing basis. The concentrated organic matter in OPTIMIZE (grayish/brownish granules) measures at over 85% organic compounds. The best known of the organic compounds are humic and fulvic acids, as well as other organic compounds that all benefit soil. Overall, the grayish/brownish granules make up about 45% by volume of OPTIMIZE.  The other 55% is made up of a small amount of organic iron and two proprietary sources of calcium and other micro-nutrients. The result is a blend of organic soil additives that comprehensively improves soil and works powerfully with MAXIMIZE, PENETRATE and NOURISH-Biosol.

OPTIMIZE works best when it is applied with MAXIMIZE and NOURISH-Biosol, and they can be blended together for convenience to apply all at once. However, once they are blended they need to be applied right away. They will not store well, blended. You can throw it on by hand or use a whirlybird spreader or any other fertilizer application method. The simple topical application is a revelation in terms of applying ready-to-work, high quality organic matter. No big piles, wheelbarrows, tilling or spading. OPTIMIZE and its sister/brother products will allow you to fundamentally change and improve everything about your soil without a lot of work or expense!  

It’s concentrated, it’s organic, it’s easy to use, and it’s effective.