June 4, 2012


I frequently say that NOURISH-Biosol is the best fertilizer I have ever used in my 36 years in this industry. Actually, what makes it completely amazing is that while it is feeding plants as well or better than any other fertilizer, it also works well as a pest and disease preventer and as a soil builder.

93% of NOURISH is made of fungal biomass (food for beneficial fungi) from dry mycelium obtained through the fermentation of cottonseed meal, soybean meal, sucrose, lactose, trace elements and vitamins. This is what provides such excellent nutrition to plants and soil.   Many interesting tests have proven the versatility and uniqueness of NOURISH-Biosol. Five years after 1 application of NOURISH-Biosol, the microbial biomass was measured and equaled 37 years of natural succession. The food for the microbes provided by NOURISH-Biosol is responsible for this result, which would be impossible with any other fertilizer.   Another study used dry fungal biomass of dried mycelium (NOURISH-Biosol) to show that it not only can provide first quality nutrients to crops and improve levels of humus in the soil, but it also is a good inducer of resistance against root diseases such as Fusarium wilt. Dried mycelium protected corn plants against Fusarium and proved it was excellent for providing crop nutrition.

NOURISH-Biosol was also used to provide “partial” control of bad nematodes under natural conditions. Our experience is that “partial control” will gradually build up to almost complete control of bad nematodes in the following season if treatments are repeated. Historically, bad nematodes have proven almost impossible to control. NOURISH-Biosol and our other products offer the best way to control bad nematodes by improving the soil and dramatically increasing good nematode populations, which eat and massacre bad nematodes. NOURISH-Biosol is easy to apply and best used with MAXIMIZE and OPTIMIZE. They can be mixed together, but need to be applied right away. They will not store well, mixed together. NOURISH-Biosol feeds plants, improves microbiology of the soil and protects plants from diseases and pests. It is the best fertilizer that there is and an excellent value and we urge you to try it.