The idea of growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs (or whatever you want), is appealing to me and so rewarding to many people. However, some people don’t have the space for a large garden or don’t have the time and energy to make it successful. That is where containers come in handy! Try gardening in small raised containers that can be moved around for the best sun and can be watered easily. It can be very practical! The best potting soil and growing aids can be used so the new seedlings or seeds race out of the chute after planting. They can be placed in convenient spots away from varmints and other deterrents. Containers can be helpful for people that struggle with getting low to the ground. They allow you to garden without having to bend down far or get on your hands and knees. You can even get creative and grow espaliered grapes or dwarf citrus with the container placed in just the right spot for maximum growth and productivity! 

container gardening

Jenna, Austin and Meekah with their small, convenient planter placed for optimum sun.

container gardening

This planter is on wheels with special potting soil for optimum production. Soil can be re-used every year w/ John & Bob's applications. 


This container has a grapevine that will be trained over the entire trellis background w/ strawberries in the foreground. 

We have been developing the best containers, potting soil and amendments, and even some of the best plants. We will be adding them to our website and offering them to our customers. One of the most beneficial aspects of our product line is that our Smart Soil Solution system of John & Bob’s products allows the use of the same potting soil season after season so that the soil does not need to be changed or replaced as is frequently recommended.   You can order our full line of Soil Solutions products online right now! Do you have questions about your container garden? Leave them in the comments below!