April 24, 2015

“Your Products Are Fantastic”: Product Praise from Environmental Science Professor, Claudia van Corva

It is always nice to hear from customers. A dialogue with our customers is an important part of our continued efforts to improve our products and service. The recent note below from Environmental Science Professor Claudia van Corva (pictured above left) perfectly captures the essence of our products.

I teach environmental science at Pasadena City College. The grounds people gave me a strip of lifeless gravel hard packed by bulldozers to garden in with my students! Undaunted we ordered a truckload of horse manure based compost from our local compost hero. That got us started and worked ok for the first year but the balance was off with no real soil. The second year we added organic soil and the balance was still off but we did produce some nice squash. Then I stumbled across your system of Optimize, Nourish and Maximize. I treated the soil and lo and behold, the magic happened. We are bursting with microbes and life and I just cannot sing your praises enough! I am so impressed. I used your 3 part system on my entire garden, long composted by me and my chickens. The results were equally spectacular. I originally thought the products were expensive. I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND!!!! They are worth gold. Thank you a million times!

(signed) Prof. Claudia van Corva

The considerable value of our products is a concept potential customers can find difficult to understand. Every gardener needs these simple products because there is no easier, less expensive way to improve soil. The products are different than almost everything else in the market place. They can be most closely aligned with the bulk composted manures and organic matters that Professor Van Corva cites. However, John & Bob’s products are not bulky or difficult to spread and they go to work immediately. Creating soil that is full of beneficial life is the key to productive bloom and yields and key to self-sufficient plants that do not get pests or diseases and simply continue to thrive. When compared to every other method available, our products provide the best value. Professor van Corva stated this best when she wrote, “they are worth gold”. Thank you, Professor!