June 23, 2015

Lawn Care: The Truth About Fertilizer

Your lawn has the same needs every year; fertilize, water, repeat. Have you ever stopped to think why your lawn uses so much fertilizer, why you have to immediately water it in to prevent burning, or why it is still plagued by pests, disease, and lack of vitality in between fertilizations?

 The answer isn’t as complicated as you would think. The most commonly used chemical fertilizers from your local box store work great in terms of lawn growth. You see results short term and your lawn shows green until the next application. But what is the chemical fertilizer actually doing? It feeds your grass with macro-nutrients while the salt content damages soil quality, destroys life in your soil, and makes your lawn more likely to suffer from pests/disease.


The reason chemical fertilizers need to be applied so often is a lack of soil life in the form of microbes, food for microbes, and attractants for microbes needed for self sustaining lawn care. Your lawn doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs from the soil and must get them from other sources. The route to minimal maintenance and maximum productivity lies in the diverse collection of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other microscopic soil life, which vaccinate your lawn for good health and optimum performance.

 The easiest, least expensive way to begin the process of fixing your soil with proper lawn care is by using highly concentrated soil life and food for that life. The benefit is achieved through the activity of microscopic soil life that thrives in lively soil. Large scale colonization in the soil occurs, which dramatically increases the soil’s ability to nurture self sustaining lawn and garden growth.

 Nourish-Biosol is the best organic fertilizer I have ever used in my 36 years in this industry. What makes it so amazing is that while it feeds your lawn and garden as well or better than any other fertilizer, it also acts as a soil builder and even as a pest and disease preventer. Nourish-Biosol only needs to be applied twice a year and its organic nature prevents burning associated with traditional chemical fertilizers.

 Many interesting tests have proven the versatility and uniqueness of Nourish-Biosol. Five years after one application of Nourish-Biosol, the microbial biomass was measured and equaled 37 years of natural succession. The food for the microbes provided by Nourish-Biosol is responsible for this result, which would be impossible with any other fertilizer.

 Stay away from chemical fertilizers and the temporary benefits they provide. For true lawn care, organic garden fertilizers are the most beneficial sustenance you can provide for your lawn, both as a short term fertilizer and a long term soil builder. Nourish-Biosol is the best fertilizer I have found. It is an excellent value, and I urge you to try it!