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The Janzen Rose Garden is Infused with Life, Thanks to John & Bob’s!

Roses are just coming into bloom, all over the west coast, and it’s time to make sure they stay taken care of throughout the blooming season! Roses have a history of being fussy, sensitive and heavily dependent on specialized fertilizers and pesticides. But, we have discovered that those methods are not always necessary to have success with roses. Roses respond tremendously to our organic soil amendments and the concept of using complex soil life to feed plants and protect them against pests and disease.   Articles appearing in the publication of the American Rose Society have recommended using our OPTIMIZE (an organic humus amendment) and NOURISH-Biosol (an organic fertilizer) on all types of roses. The author, Master Rosarian and Consulting Rosarian Jack Schoultz, is a big fan of those two products for his roses. I am still working to convince him of the additional merits of Read More

Improve Orchid Growth with John & Bob’s!

We received a question the other day from Beverly, a frequent John & Bob’s customer and gardener. She asks, “I’m just wondering if anyone has used your products on orchids.  They don't require much fertilizer and are not planted in soil. But after reading your houseplant section, I was thinking about how I could use J&B's on my orchids. I have used John & Bob’s products for about 4 years. They are easy and work. Thanks for your response.”


Improve orchid bloomsThanks for the great question, Beverly! Orchids are gorgeous but often complex plants to grow, especially when they are outside of their native tropical environment. It is possible to improve orchid growth with John & Bob’s! I've gotten quite a few customer testimonials over the years. Some have used OPTIMIZE with really good results and some...

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