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April Newsletter

This month, we heralded the Soil Food Web, a name to describe the complex interactions that occur in and around the soil involving multiple organisms from microscopic bacteria all the way up to animals. Largely underappreciated, it is the only way to improve soil. By encouraging complex soil interactions we can repair poor, lifeless or hard soil and make it fertile, workable,crumbly! John & Bob’s products assist and supercharge the Soil Food Web, creating fertile living soil with fewer disease problems, healthier growth, better food production with higher nutrient value and stronger root systems. All of this while promoting healthy environments for our kids and pets!

The Soil Food Web

We believe in gardens that produce edible food, inspire us with beauty, encourage activity and interaction, save water and energy, establish a healthy environment with lively soil, and create useful space. Your garden is your...

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Better Soil = More Antioxidants in Tomatoes!

In 2007, the American Chemical Society's Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry published an interesting study with some exciting findings: Soil Quality from Long-term Organic Management Nearly Doubles Flavonoids in Organic Tomatoes! This is good news for our health and further evidence of the benefits of healthy soil!

Flavanoids are a type of antioxidant that help us to fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body. They are part of a group of compounds found in plants that prevent aging, increase cardiovascular health and help us to ward off all types of illnesses from the common cold to even the spread of cancer. Needless to say, we want more flavonoids in our diet. Flavanoids can be commonly found in most fruits and vegetables as well as wine, tea and chocolate. Plant breeders and farmers rarely breed for higher nutritional quality but instead focus on quick-ripening and longer shelf life. Compounds...

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Mineral Depletion in the Soil Directly Impacts Your Health!

Sometimes, we humans like to pretend that we are separate from our environment and that we can do whatever we want. But the truth is that we are intrinsically linked to the earth! What we do affects our environment and our environment has huge impacts on us- and often the two are linked! Back in 1992 the official report of the Earth Summit concluded, “There is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world.” The Earth Summit based their concern on data showing mineral levels declining dramatically over the last 100 years----72% declines in Europe, 76% in Asia, and 85% in North America. Nutrient decline in our food has been further documented by in other studies published by Rogan in 1995, Oliver  in1997,  Deckers and Vanclooster in 1998; and Murphy et al   in 2008. Trace minerals are incredibly important to...

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ACCORDING TO JOHN: These ARE the Good Days!

Up until I was about 20, I bought in when people talked about years back when “things were better.” As I passed 30 I started becoming suspicious because I was getting old enough to remember those better days and they didn’t seem better to me. After 40 it became a pet peeve of mine and I tired of hearing predictable comparisons to the bygone days when things were better. I could now remember “the good old days” and there were plenty of problems and challenges then, too.  From my 40s to mid 50s, I’ve been appreciative of our ever-improving world.

Recently, science writer Matt Ridley got my attention with his article in the April edition of Reader’s Digest which underscores the reasons it is great to be alive now. It’s called “Cheer up! 17 Reasons it’s a Great Time to Be Alive.” Compared...

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Surprising ways Gardening can make your Life better!

I have written on this blog before about how gardening can improve our lives in many ways: bringing peace, stress relief, physical fitness, a sense of worth and more. This infographic really illustrates how it improves our lives, in all areas. There are some surprises here too! What area of your life needs improvement? Perhaps a bit of gardening is the answer to your personal growth!

Cool Ways Gardening Can Make Your Life Better; The benefits of gardening
Source by Loch Ness Water Gardens
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