Tips To Grow A Ton Of Flowers
May 11, 2022

Tips To Grow A Ton Of Flowers

Spring is my favorite time of the year because it’s when our industry comes alive! Abundant blooms, bees buzzing, the scent of flowers on the breeze. But what is springtime without beautiful blooms? If you have plants that are struggling to bloom or don’t bloom like they are supposed to then keep reading. In this article we will share 4 simple steps to help you achieve the perfect spring garden full of breathtaking flowers. 

 *White iceberg roses & pink simplicity tree form roses.


Rich Soil

The number one most important thing to achieve maximum blooms is rich soil. I define rich soil as lively soil. Lively soil is full of beneficial soil life such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, good nematodes, earth worms, and so on. When the soil food web is healthy and active your plants are happier, and thus your blooms are better! Our product line is an organic way to encourage a thriving soil food web, infusing your soil with beneficial life and food for life. Just like an organic compost, our products continually improve your soil year after year and ensure your blooms are the best they can be.


Nutrients, Not Nitrogen

Most people think of nitrogen and the major macronutrients when they think about making their plants healthy. But rich, lively soil includes all kinds of nutrients and enzymes that are more important for encouraging bloom. Nitrogen is important for lawns, but in terms of blooming plants it tends to encourage green growth and focuses the plant on that growth rather than on bloom. If you get a soil test back and it says you are low in nitrogen, you still want to boost nitrogen, but you can boost nitrogen naturally with healthy, rich soil.


Mulching & Moisture 

I see a dramatic benefit when we use mulch over our products. Mulch impacts soil health and moisture retention. Overwatering and under watering both impact bloom and mulch is an excellent way to retain moisture and help keep the soil healthy. Your mulch can be a composted wood based product, composted manure, or a double ground shredded cedar (what we prefer to use on most projects). Mulch in tandem with careful monitoring of the water is one of the key ways to maximize the bloom of your plants.


Pollinating Insects

Building life in the soil and creating a healthy and active soil food web means that you do not need to spray damaging pesticides. We want to encourage beneficials in the garden, not kill them or detract them with toxic chemical products. It may seem like attacking the bad pests is the logical answer, but when you spray pesticides you kill the good critters, too! Let’s address those pest problems while also helping our plants and soil, maximizing soil health encourages beneficials and minimizes pests.

*A beneficial is a good insect that eats bad insects, like a ladybug that eats aphids.