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My grass has never been this healthy or lush looking.

I am so pleased with the results. I wanted my grass green again like it was before but it is actually much better than I have ever seen it, and I’ve lived here for 30 years. My grass has never been this healthy or lush looking. I still have small patches of red thread (not the brown areas you see in the photos but just intertwined between grass here and there) - most of it is seems gone. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to you for helping me with this problem. It has been a huge problem for over 3 years and was taking over my whole lawn. I didn’t know where to go since no one around here could help me with this problem. You definitely went over and above what you had to. I’ve passed your information on to others who have commented on...

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Incredible results… lawn “healed itself” in a couple of weeks… never looked so good.

Hi John... I have a "Lifeless Soil Kit" to apply. The soil temperature here in Iowa is about 50 degrees...grass is greening up...what soil temperature should we have before applying the kit?


Charles L.

the greening lawn indicates soil is coming alive after winter dormancy. This is an excellent time to apply our products. You will get great results at this time. Let me know if I can help further.  
Best,  John & Bob’s

Thanks for the prompt response, John.

Another couple of questions…

I have a couple of very valuable maple trees in my lawn…about 85 years old…one has some canker…I don’t see any fungal presence in the soil under the trees (with microscopy) just bacteria…. Grass is growing under the trees… in order to incorporate the Maximize...

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…I love your product.

And I had to take a moment to tell you how much I love your product....more importantly how much my plants and soil love your product.  A million thanks for figuring it out and providing a great product.

Kathryn L.

We are thrilled you took the time to provide your feedback. Thank you for your kind comments. We appreciate your input and your ongoing support. It’s affirming to hear our customers understand the significance and effectiveness of our product line.
All our best,  John & Bob’s

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Hi Bob, hope this message finds you doing well!

I took a $5 vegetable gardening class at a local nursery on Saturday. (It included coffee and donuts. The person who taught it raved about this product, especially if one’s soil is hard. She said she was taught in college that rock hard soil could not be amended quickly. It’s best to simply dig it out of your yard and replace it. She said your product does the job and is AMAZING.  As she said that, I was thinking about how incredible the people are who created such a product. Well! This evening I started to read about how to apply it and Roxy told me to look at the photo! So COOL!!!! That’s wonderful that you developed this! What an amazing contribution.

And in case you’re wondering... the $5 class turned into $120 of veggies, soil amendments,...

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