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Cure Blossom End Rot with Microbes!

Last year Dave Townsend (of the wonderful gardening blog Growing the Home Garden) tried John and Bob’s products in his garden. He spread it over most of his vegetable garden in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he has been growing food for several years. He immediately noticed several improvements from previous years. Diseases like blight and wilt were minimized while his veggies grew like mad, especially his melons and tomatoes.

 One of the biggest changes was this:

“My first observation was that blossom end rot on my tomatoes was almost nonexistent. Blossom end rot happens because of nutrient deficiency (calcium).  Either the soil doesn't have enough calcium for the plant, drought conditions don't allow for the uptake of nutrients, or excessive nitrogen in the soil causes the poor cell formation in the fruit. In any case there is...

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