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Success when Building the Soil

Our friend, John Kohler at Growing Your Greens, produced an excellent video that discusses the pros and cons of building existing soil versus bringing in new soil. He discusses how to use John and Bob's to build the soil (starting about 12 minutes in). Here are a few notable quotes: "When you inoculate your garden space with the beneficial microbes, they do more than just build your soil. They also give your plants disease resistance." "The trace minerals [in Maximize] make your food taste better and make it grow bigger! And your plants will be more resistant to diseases and bugs!" "This product[Nourish] will nourish your plants, encourage microbial growth and it can reduce soil pH. It's also going to help with the bad nematodes with your soil."

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ACCCORDING TO JOHN: Party Icebreakers and Compost

Recently, I read a list in Readers Digest of icebreakers to avoid using at a party. One was, “Sit back, relax, and allow me to explain the importance of composting.” It’s a little late; I think I may have already violated that one. Documentary film maker, Deborah Koons Garcia, may not bring it up at parties, but she has made a compelling and important entire film on the subject of compost and soil, titled, “Symphony of the Soil.” I had the opportunity to watch a screening of her work-in-progress movie at California State University, Fresno, which was followed by a discussion of the film by agriculture industry participants. I was thrilled with the movie because there is a real disconnect, even amongst professionals, between the most up to date, real soil science and decades old practices and misconceptions. Science is declaring, but not everyone is listening, that soil microbiology is...
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